secori advisors is a management consultancy with a focus on security, risk, and compliance. We help our clients by:

  • establishing cyber security defenses and running information security management systems
  • running third-party risk management and enhancing supply chain security
  • improving business resilience and establishing business continuity management systems
  • building management systems for environmental, social and governance issues
  • running their data protection management systems

Our founders all hail from the very North of Germany. Their Hanseatic values have made it into secori’s corporate culture: We value cosmopolitan networks and connect Germany’s financial center Frankfurt with the country’s capital Berlin.

Our clients mostly come from the finance industry. From small fintech to international retail bank: we run small and large projects, making sure that their services can be relied upon. Rest.Assured.


We serve clients from the very heart of modern digital markets. Whether it is finance, insurance, telecommunications, or other services we all rely on, modern market economies need critical infrastructures to run smoothly. For companies and clients alike, success will depend on the availability of services and the management of risks. This is where our consultants and services make the difference.


Dustin Dehez

Sebastian Troch

Dr Julian Voje