Interim Management

Interim Management

Management is a challenge we relish. Whenever a company is looking to fill a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or any other management level position, we help by staffing it on a temporary basis, providing the space and comfort a company needs to look for more permanent solutions. It is […]

Finance & Insurance

Finance is what we do best. Whether its insurance providers, Fintechs, large retail and state banks, or stock markets, we have worked with many clients both in run the bank and change the bank projects. Our consultants bring ample experience in first and second line of defence positions to the table and have worked in […]

Critical Infrastructures

All of us rely on the availability of basic services, whether its energy, banking, or public transport. To guarantee their resilience and availability even in an era of increased cyber insecurity, we help operators of critical infrastructure to keep their information security management systems up to date, running in crisis situations, and assist with the […]

Political Risk & Threat Analysis

Conflict and upheaval, elections, and revolutions – the political climate is changing quickly and is more volatile than ever. Even for large companies, assessing political risks and conducting threat analyses can be daunting challenges. We run threat intelligence analyses, look at macropolitical trends, and assess geopolitical risk constantly. We maintain a network reaching deep into […]


Today, sustainability cuts across all business units and affects all governance, risk, and reporting standards in large companies. Companies are looking to actively shape their role in the fight against climate change and for social equality. Our consulting team offers its experience in international climate and energy policy, GHG emission reduction measurement, monitoring, and reporting, […]